The 7 Day RAW Challenge

Simply Whole Foods


I’m excited to announce that this Thursday December 5, I will be embarking on a 7 day RAW food challenge! I’ve had an overwhelming response on Instagram and many people are joining me on this exciting journey.

I would love you to join us as well.  If you’re interested then read on for the RAW details!

So let’s get started:

  1. Start the morning with a glass of warm water with lemon! Let’s clean out and detox the body!
  2. Unlimited greens and fruits.  Make sure you’re full!
  3. Nuts & seeds
  4. Lots of water to keep hydrated

–> No processed, pre-packaged, cooked food!  Just natural, whole food ingredients and of course-raw, raw, raw

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Nothing is Wrong with Me

Thinking back on your past relationships is always the worst thing to do. Although, I’ve always wondered what was wrong with me where I have never broke up with a boy, and all of them have broke up with me. Ive always wondered what I have done to always be second best. On more than one occasion, ex boyfriends of mine had to “choose” between myself and another girl. Even though I was picked first, they all cheated on me with the other girl, as well as dump me to be with her. I’ve always wanted to know what I did or what I was doing to deserve to be treated that way. And I finally realized… its not me. It has nothing to do with me. Those insecure little jerks needed more than one girl lusting after them. Why would I want to be with a cheater anyway? Even if the boy cheated to be with me, what would stop him from doing the same to someone else? I’m worth so much more.


I’m stuck in my past, because I have no hope for my future. 


I used to be able to be free. I could go anywhere I wanted to, by myself, no questions asked. I could party. I could go on adventures with friends. And now? I can’t do any of that anymore. I can’t run, jump, hike, go to parties and hangouts without shit being awkward. So I live in the past when I used to be able to do those things. I re-live those moments because my future isn’t all that I hoped it would be.


I was reading through an article about Stephan Hawking stating that he said ‘A.I. could be the worst mistake in history’. 


Bare with me… just a thought….


What if the Earth inhabitants were created from something in the past, and the past creators died off because they always created something more powerful than themselves? What if it, our LIVES, were all a vicious cycle? Maybe we humans have killed off our creators. And now, we humans are creating robots of artificial intelligence to kill the human race off. They will start a new life. And essentially create something for more superior to them to kill them off. If our planet survives that long anyway…

You’ll Miss It

They say you never realize what you got till its gone. Im stating right now that I really miss the use of my legs. I miss being able to walk. I miss not having adjustments made for me. I miss being able to go anywhere at anytime. I miss being able to walk to the bathroom. To stand while I take a shower. I miss  being able to rome around the beach or in grass. I miss being able to venture off by myself.. Rock climbing. Not feeling self-conscious. I miss being able to wake up in the morning and just do what I need to do… by myself. I miss the feeling of being worry-free, or not depressed. I hate the fact that I’m not able to take romantic walks on a beach hand in hand,. Or that I’m not able to walk down the aisle or even dance at my wedding. I almost forgot the feeling of walking. Of being free. Man, this body sucks.

Lost without Money

So this is kind of a long shot, but do you think that if money wasn’t such a powerful thing in our society (USA) , there would be less hate and crime? 

Let me explain….

– if college tuition was much more attainable, or just free, more would be educated. With education comes smart and logical thinking. If there were more educated folk out there, would the crimes go down?

– If the cost of living diminished and we started living off trades and services, would we learn to love one another more? Be peaceful and not try to start a riot within our community?

– As it goes with the cost of living, would crime rate go down if jail and prison wasn’t a free home or have free meals? I think jail is a much better place to live rather than the streets. You’re safe by always having a guard and you’re fed and clean with free use of the showers. If criminals get these things for free, why can’t every civilized being?



Why is money the motive? Why can’t we just live and be happy? It seems as if only money is able to buy our happiness now. Why does our government feel as if they need to cheat us? I read an article that stated the government keeps everyone in debt so there is fear, how is that moral or just?! What makes it okay for government to make rules and not follow them themselves?

Give it Up

Do we really give it up for fame? There are so many celebrities out there who lose their moral outlook on life to get a quick buck. I, of course, wish them only the best. People always relate themselves to celebrities saying that “they’re normal just like me”,  but the fact is kid, they aren’t. It is definitely not normal to be plastered all over the tele and internet, have a billion followers on twitter, or making $10,000 a day for just being alive. I understand its their “job”, but seriously? There are so many jobs out there that pay a lot less but do so much more for humanity (and don’t forget the animals!). Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of celebrities that don’t change one bit, are humble with their money they receive, and give fame a good name. But I guess its the new fad to lose yourself with it.